Friday, June 8, 2012

Cod, Tuna, and Shrimp – Most Popular Seafood Items

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People always like cod, tuna, and shrimp than any other fresh or frozen seafood all across the world. These are consumed in greater quantity because of their over abundance and easy availability not only in coastal places, but everywhere. All these can be easily found in shallow coastal waters that surrounds the continents. There are different species of tuna, cod and shrimp that have captured the commercial market of the world. 

Major seafood suppliers in coastal areas raise shrimp & tuna and supply them nationally and internationally. The most common types of farm raised shrimp are tiger shrimp, white shrimp, as well as the Chinese vannamei white shrimp. In markets, you can find all these species and can preserve them in your refrigerator for long. Most of these species are harvested or grown in distant areas of the country. In fact, white shrimp and tuna are the largest frozen seafood item in retail stores these days. 

World-class retail stores and seafood restaurants usually purchase seafood products from the suppliers and as a result they provide the finest and most delicious recipes. Frozen shrimp is also very popular in restaurants. Lovers of sea species also prefer cooked and peeled shrimps along with fruits. Most of the people prefer having breaded shrimp in a great variety of styles. 

Fresh shrimp gives unique taste and when added with flavor can make a person addicted. Due to its high-quality and nutritional value it is consumed across the world. Suppliers also provide frozen products in original packaging formats/airtight containers in order to maintain quality, freshness and prevent it from germs. It can be preserved at least 3 to 6 months in most household freezers without compromising its quality. 

In different markets of the world, these are sold by their size and freshness. However, it is an affordable option for the seafood lovers. Most of the people take shrimp as an appetizer and prefer it before heavy meals. People who like salty taste mostly prefer brown shrimp or vannamei white shrimp, as it is rich in salt, and other minerals. People who want to cut their calories often include lettuce in their meals along with shrimp. It gives an amazing taste and also adds extra nutritional value at the same time. 

Most of the people order flavorful, nutritional, low-fat Thai shrimp with mild flavor and low spice in order to add something different to their regular meals. In fact, shrimp pasta is also the favorite dish of almost all people.

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