Monday, October 17, 2011

One Go Salad - Mixed fruits ,vegetables and beans Salad

One Go Salad, the name signifies all in a single plate. It is none other than a Salad containing fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and pasta. It is very healthy because all the vegetables and fruits used to make it are taken raw and that is why they don't lose their actual nutritional value. No oil or butter is used only a spoonful of cream is used so it is best for diet conscious people. For the people who don't like adding raw vegetables, they can marinate the fruit and veggies in olive oil and use for best result and as per their taste.

Style-Continental Salad 
Preparation time-10 minutes

Indian Cottage Cheese(Paneer)-6-7 small cubes
Boiled pasta-10 grams
Apple-cut into small cubes-10-12 pieces
pea nuts-10-12
Sweetcorn -cooked-5 grams
Sprouts-5 grams
Boiled Chick pea-10-25 pieces
Pineapple-cut into small cubes-5-6 pieces
Red beans-boiled-2 tablespoon
Raw papaya-cut into thin slices-2 tablespoon
Cherry tomato-1
Green Capsicum-cut into small cubes-6-7 pieces
Red Capsicum-cut into small cubes-6-7 pieces
Yellow Capsicum-cut into small cubes-6-7 pieces
Cream-2 tablespoon
French Beans- 2-3 -cut into small pieces
cucumber-small cubes-4-5 pieces
Garlic Bread-2

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.Add 1 tablespoon fresh cream and serve as main dish with garlic bread.

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