Monday, March 21, 2011

Make Your Own Dried Fruit Snacks

We all love sweets. Fortunately, plenty of sweet but healthy foods can be made at home. So next time, skip the triple-layer chocolate cake and try a delicious homemade fruit snack.
Dried fruit snacks are a delicious and convenient way to enjoy a snack. You can purchase them at our local supermarket but we suggest you try making them yourself as they are much healthier!
Here are instructions to make your own dried fruit snack.
1 - Select the type of fruit that you would like to use for your fruit snacks. Good choices are bananas, peaches, grapes, pears, kiwi, mango and pineapple. The fruit must be fully ripe and unblemished.

2 - Rinse the fruit in lukewarm water. Peel the fruits that need to be peeled, such as bananas, peaches, pears, kiwi, mango and pineapple.
3 - Dip any light-colored fruits in lemon juice to prevent darkening while in the oven. This includes apples, apricots, bananas, peaches, pears, mango and pineapple.
4 - Cut the fruit into quarter-inch slices. Cut smaller fruits, such as grapes, in half. Pears and apples must be cored, and you will need to remove the pits from peaches, cherries, mango and apricots.

5 - Preheat your oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the fruit in one layer on a cookie sheet. After the oven has heated up, place the cookie sheet in the oven. Open the oven door a few inches to allow air to circulate.

6 - Check on the fruit and flip with a spatula every hour. Fruit can take anywhere from eight to 24 hours to dry out. If your fruit is taking a very long time and you must leave it unattended, turn the oven down to 100 degrees F. Flip the fruit again as soon as possible to avoid overdrying. When the fruit becomes leather-like, it is done.

7 - Allow the fruit to cool. Fruit snacks are best when consumed immediately but will last for about four days to a week. Store in plastic bags and place in the refrigerator.

Enjoy your healthy dried fruit snacks! It's always great to have your dried fruit snacks at your fingertips

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