Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Experience the Ecstasy of Empyrean Dishes with Lobster Tails

Food has always been a perennial weakness of man in general. It is in fact the one thing apart from music that creates a pandemic effect on the mass. Delicious food makes one forget every other trivial issues only to immerse in the delight of the delectable taste. The seafood dinner with its tremendous variety provides one with a similar experience of euphoria yet unknown. The lobster preparations are one of the predominant parts of the seafood cuisine and the lobster tails completely enthrall one with it's out of this world flavor. The best part of consuming seafood is that it does not harm the health of one in any negative way. The healthy yet tasty option of the seafood cuisine, leaves one licking the fingers and coming back for more and more of it.

The very name of seafood dinner leaves one with mouth watering eagerness. Such is the magic of lobster tails that the very mention of it leaves the food connoisseur craving for more. Preparing this delectable dish may apparently seem to be very difficult however in reality it is not that difficult. In fact one may be elated to know that making this dish at home is actually possible. Hence to feast one's senses one no longer needs to go to expensive food outlets, on the contrary one can enjoy it in the comfort of his or her own residence.

The preparation of lobster tails that one is about to learn is named Steamed Lobster Tails. The process is as follows:

Ingredients Required:
1/2 cup melted butter 1 tablespoon sea salt Four (6 ounce) lobster tails

Method of Preparation:
Boil about one inch of water at the bottom of a pot. Now add the salt and place a steamer insert so as to keep it just above the water level. Now arrange the lobster tails and cover the mouth of the pot. Steam this for eight minutes without any interruption. Serve the preparation with melted butter.Regale Your Guests with Royal Seafood Dinner There goes the preparation of a yummy seafood dinner item. This preparation will not only add to the variety of the dinner but also earn one the reputation of an adroit cook in the respective circle of acquaintances.

The seafood dinner is very rich in nutritional values and allows the fulfillment of desires maintaining the framework of a healthy diet. The seafood dinner in fact contributes in the overall development of one's health. It benefits the brain and profits one in more ways than one. The seafood needs to be restricted only in case of a woman who has conceived. Apart from that the seafood requires no other limitations and one can gorge on it as much as one wishes to. This dish will also enrich one's repertoire of culinary skills and items. Therefore the dishes cater to one's needs in more ways than one can imagine. Hence it's time to delight the senses with palatable dishes.

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