Monday, January 24, 2011

How To Cook Pasta

Pasta is a delicious food to eat and easy to cook. You should cook pasta just before serving and this is an important thing to be kept in mind while cooking pasta. To enjoy pasta you should know the process properly. People who do not know the process properly will spoil the entire pot of pasta they are cooking. Here is how you can make delicious pasta and what you need to make pasta.
  • Per serving you need 1 liter boiling water
  • For salting the water you need salt
  • The sauce of your choice
  • Pasta, about 100 g or ¼ pound for one person.

First fill the stockpot with enough water and then add 1 teaspoon of salt that measures the water of 1 liter. Cover the pot to bring it to a boil. Remember while cooking pasta that after the pasta is cooked the pasta becomes double in size. So if you have not put enough water in the pot then the pasta will stick to each other.
To avoid the sticking of pasta it is important to stir well while adding the pasta to the water. Wait till the water starts boiling again after adding the pasta. The pasta takes eight to twelve minutes to get cooked fully depending on the quantity as well as the type of the pasta.
You need to simmer the stove to avoid the pot from foaming up and spilling over the edges of the pot. You can take a tiny piece of pasta and taste it just to check if the pasta is cooked properly. The center should not be hard. The pasta should be tender and firm.
Once your pasta is cooked properly then the excess water should be drained. If you are making cold pasta salad make sure to rinse it in cold water to get rid of the starch and prevent it from sticking. If you are not making the cold salad with pasta then make sure not to rinse this as the starch present in it will help to blend the sauce flavor in the pasta when you are ready to add sauce of your choice in the pasta. You can then leave the cooked pasta in a chafing dish until you are ready to serve it.
Make sure that you cook only one type of pasta at a time so that you get the best result.  Keep checking the pasta from time to time while cooking to ensure that the pasta is not over cooked. Remember you should have a large capacity pan with sturdy and wide handle to cook the pasta.

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