Monday, January 10, 2011

Crispy Coconut Cookies

The first thing we need, as usual, to turn on the oven, but this time at a very low temperature of 80 º C to 90 º C (176 º F to 194 º F) depending on the oven. 

Here are the ingredients for this recipe: Egg white: 125g Sugar (1): 70 g Sugar (2): 375g Plain water: 100g Dry Coconut: 450g vanilla: 4g 

Another feature of this recipe is that it can not be made to the plan at the last minute of cooking time of 12 hours. First we have to start cooking the sugar (2) with ordinary water, and we will cook in softball, which means 113 º C (235 º F) when using a thermometer. When sugar reaches 106 º C (223 º F), we can begin to whip the egg whites with powdered sugar (1) preferably with an electric mixer for 3 teeth. When the hot syrup 113 º C (235 º F), egg whites have already formed a soft snow. Then very slowly pour the hot syrup into egg whites, beating continuously on the second report, this time. Then, after the dismantling of the bowl with a long handled scraper or spatula up, turn the mixer speed to 3-back for a few seconds (to clean the whip), then back to second gear, and let stand for several minutes at the 2 speed to cool slightly. When the meringue is not too hot and hotter, take a blender and come out in the desiccated coconut and vanilla, mix by hand with a spatula or large spoon. At this point, we get a white paste that is very sticky. Thus, we can begin to form the cookies using stencils and palette knife in a small nonstick silicone baking sheet, keeping the disks of 1 cm from each other. When finished remove the stencil to form a mixture of all (s) and place pan in oven. If your oven has a vent, remains open. If your oven is not a fan of duck, then it is better to leave a very small hole in the side door, because we need the cookies to dry completely. Disk coconut should remain white as in the beginning, throughout the duration of execution until the end of cooking. If they start taking a yellowish color while cooking, which means that the oven is too hot. After 12 hours of cooking oil disc should be very crisp, fragile and pure white. Take them out and let cool fully. When they cool, it's a good idea to put them in an airtight container, this way they stay dry and crisp. I really hope you enjoy this recipe for coconut disks. For more interesting recipes, please visit my blog here

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