Saturday, December 4, 2010

Suggestions Fun Food for Children

Author: Seemskl
Making children eat healthy food is a big task to get through every mother. With children pre-occupied with playing time, television and fast food, it is very difficult to get them to eat foods that are good for them. However, there are ways to make healthy food fun for kids, not boring. Here are some suggestions about how and what you can serve them as snacks.
dishes fun to use - Presentation really will have a huge impact if you want your kids to eat healthy and fun way. There are pictures of different plates that can hide the meal and make it more attractive to children. colored plates and they are shaped like the face of Father Christmas or their favorite cartoon characters can distract the children and make the food look more attractive.
Having a healthy dips - Instead of chocolate or other dips heavily on sugar or oil, you can use yogurt instead swim to the fruit or vegetable. You can serve equally well in a bowl funny and using attachments as additional decorations such as carrots, parsley and raisins to make a smiley face on top of yogurt.
Add wheat goodness - Put wheat or wheat crackers in your recipe. Use this trick if you want to take a little kindness in their cookies without quite knowing it.
Use a cookie cutter special - Cut the cute animal-shaped cookie, alphabet or seasonal shapes such as leaves or snowmen. You can buy special cookies for a local bakery store your supply, or you can make one yourself. 
Make a sandwich with pita bread - regular sandwich looks really boring from time to time for the kids, and make it interesting, use tape to wrap instead. Kids will enjoy eating them and enjoy them over and over again. There is a ribbon of bread wheat are available that can use both their natural and healthy and texture will be interesting twist as well.
vegetable pizza - A vegetarian pizza may seem boring, but if they are having fun doing so, they will enjoy eating their own creation as well. Prepare the cut pieces of vegetables that you want them to have their pizza. Then place them in a small bowl, prepare the other ingredients, and call them your "little head" who spread the top layer and snacks, pizza is very clean. This may be a good bonding time for families and all at the same time, they learn to appreciate the work you do in the kitchen while learning to eat something healthy as well.
Even just changing the presentation of food can make a big difference. Try to think of things that you want to eat when you were little, and now a touch more healthy. There are several ways to serve foods that are both healthy and fun for the kids.

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